1.- Subject of the Privacy Policy.

In compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data), NOTHINGBUTNET SL, (hereinafter NBN23) wishes to inform the users of this NBN23 website, the policy regarding the treatment and protection of data of personal nature of those people who provide their personal data for personalized use or under registration of the services of this website or any other act involving a communication of their personal data to NBN23.

NBN23 informs the user of this website that this Privacy Policy contains a general description of the aspects related to the processing of personal data that NBN23 carries out derived from the exploitation of this NBN23 website.

This policy is completed and is subsidiary application with those informative texts and consent solicitation informed that join any form of request data from this website or included in any particular conditions that may be published for use of certain services.

It is the responsibility of the user to read prior to communicating their personal data to NBN23, the aforementioned informative texts and consent request texts included in any data request form on this website.

This policy is expressly and fully accepted by the user from the moment the use of this website or services published therein, communicate personal data NBN23 since that communication is always voluntary.

In case the user is not satisfied with this policy, he / she must not use any service on this website that requires the communication of his / her personal data to NBN23. In this case, the user may contact NBN23 by telephone and anonymously.

The user is informed that any processing of personal data will fall within the scope of the current legislation in Spain regarding data protection.

2.- Responsible for the treatment.

The person responsible for the processing of personal data carried out through this website is NOTHINGBUTNET S.L. with NIFB98721459, with address at C / Juan de la Cierva, 27 Wellness Building 1 – 46980 Paterna (Valencia), electronic contact address and contact telephone 96 102 26 00

3.- Data of minors.

Children under 16 years of age will not be able to use NBN23 services that require registration or identification as registered users of this website, even with the representation of their father, mother, guardian or legal representative.

4.- Accuracy and accuracy of personal data.

Users who access this NBN23 website are not required to provide personal information to navigate this website, therefore, any data communication for this purpose will be because the user has voluntarily decided to browse or use this site. web and / or the services made available to the user through this website, constituting such action, a manifestation of express consent for the processing of your data by NBN23.

In case the user voluntarily provides NBN23 with his / her personal data, the user accepts and is obliged to provide truthful, exact and updated data always and only corresponding to his / her own identity, through any data collection channel published on this site. web, such as registration or subscription forms, contact, suggestions, hiring and / or any other data request form on this website, by sending an email to NBN23, through a postal communication and / or through a phone call. It is prohibited to provide third party data.

The user is solely responsible for the veracity, accuracy, updating and correction of the data provided to NBN23, exonerating NBN23 from any responsibility in this regard, committing the user to keep personal data duly updated.

The user is the sole source of information of their personal data, so NBN23 asks you to update your data when appropriate, by communicating to NBN23 at the address indicated for the exercise of rights in section 9 of this Policy . In any case, when the data is collected or provided directly by the user, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations, those provided by the user will be considered accurate and current, as long as the user does not update or rectify them.

5.- Treatment of special categories of personal data.

NBN23 does not request or require through this website information on special categories of personal data or sensitive data of users, understood by them, in accordance with current legislation data related to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal record , physical or mental health or sexual orientation.

Consequently, in case for any reason – and without having been requested by NBN23 – such information is voluntarily communicated by the user to the aforementioned

entity, said communication will suppose the existence of a manifestation of express consent by the user regarding the processing of their data by NBN23.

6.- Purposes to which personal data are assigned.

Users who access this NBN23 website and voluntarily provide personal information to navigate through this website in a personalized manner or use a service that requires the communication of data to NBN23, are informed of the following purposes of processing the data of character user’s staff, which NBN23 can carry out.

6.1 Contact.

When the user completes the contact form of this NBN23 website, the personal data provided for this purpose will be processed to address the message sent to NBN23 and respond to their request.

6.2 Request to send commercial communications and / or bulletins or newsletter.

When the user completes the contact form published on the NBN23 website and marks the corresponding box, he / she may expressly request or authorize the use of his / her personal data for the subscription of commercial advertising communications and bulletins or newsletters prepared by NBN23 through the email you fill in the form. In such cases, NBN23 will process your personal data to manage the subscription to said service, as well as to send the aforementioned commercial communications and bulletins or newsletters.

Commercial communications will be related to THE SPORTS SCOPE SECTOR.

In the event that the user cancels the service, revokes their consent or opposes the receipt of such shipments, NBN23 will then process their data to prevent the sending of commercial communications and bulletins, trying to do so, the minimum essential data for that purpose.

7.- Legal basis of the processing of personal data.

7.1 With legal basis in the consent granted by the user, NBN23 will treat your personal data with the following purposes:

To respond to the request and / or message sent by the user to NBN23 through the contact form, by replying to the electronic address and / or telephone number indicated on the same form.

To send the user commercial advertising, newsletters and / or newsletters, by email to the address indicated when filling in the contact form, whenever you check the box of authorization and / or request

corresponding, related to the services of NBN23 related to the following sectors of activity OF THE SPORTS SCOPE.

7.2 Based on the legitimate interest of NBN23:

To preserve the minimum essential data of the user who opposes and / or revoke his consent through any of the means enabled for this purpose, to NBN23 send you commercial and advertising communications. This treatment will be carried out so that NBN23 can identify you and adopt the necessary measures to prevent the sending of commercial and advertising communications.

In any case, the user is informed that the purposes of processing the user’s data collected through the forms published on this website, will be explained by informative texts published in the forms themselves and when required, as explained previously, you will be asked for your consent for treatment.

The personal information will only be used for limited purposes, such as those stated above and / or without limitation, those that are unequivocally informed prior to the collection and treatment of the User.

8.- Recipients of the user’s personal data.

NBN23 informs the user that it has not foreseen the realization of assignments or communications of their personal data to third parties, therefore, such communication will only occur in any case, based on compliance with the applicable legal rules, to the competent public administrations by reason of the matter, in the case in which NBN23 is obliged to make such communication.

In any case, NBN23 informs the user that their personal data may be processed by entities that provide NBN23 with different auxiliary services, as well as support tasks and administration of their systems, through custom treatment contracts to support the treatment purposes indicated in this policy.

9.- Exercise of rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation to treatment and portability.

NBN23 informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation to treatment, portability and withdrawal of consent granted in relation to the treatments indicated in this Policy based on the consent, by sending their written request , indicating the right exercised, together with a copy of your ID or valid legal document that identifies you, to the following addresses:

Email to

Mailing address c / Juan de la Cierva, 27 Wellness Building 1 – 46980 Paterna (Valencia).

For this purpose, the user must send the written communication to NBN23 indicating the petition or right that he / she exercises along with a copy of his or her ID or valid legal document that proves his / her identity.

Likewise, the user is informed that they have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection ( and postal address at C / Jorge Juan, 6. 28001 – Madrid, and / or contact telephone number 912 663 517 ), as well as to request their guardianship in relation to the exercise of their rights.

Prior to submitting said claim in the Spanish Data Protection Agency and in a totally voluntary manner, the Interested Party can contact the Data Protection Delegate of NBN23 through the following e-mail address dpd @ nbn23 .com

10.- Exercise of other rights in the field of electronic commerce and commercial advertising communications.

NBN23 informs the user that he has expressly authorized and / or requested NBN23 to send commercial advertising communications and / or bulletins by email or newsletters, which, pursuant to articles 21 and 22 of the Law on Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the user has the right to oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes for the reception of advertising commercial communications, advertising and / or bulletins or newsletters, as well as the right to revoke the consent at any time lent to the effect with the simple notification of his will to NBN23 and / or sending an email.


To do this, the user can direct their communication requesting the cessation of sending commercial communications, advertising and / or bulletins or newsletters by revocation of consent and / or opposition by clicking here to unsubscribe from commercial communications and / or send a request to the postal address indicated above and / or to the address:

NBN23 will listen to your request keeping the minimum data necessary to adopt the necessary measures to avoid sending such commercial communications.

11.- Period of conservation of the data.

NBN23 will keep the user’s data while the purpose and legitimate basis of the treatment is maintained and the user does not request the deletion of the same, as well as during the periods established in the regulations in force for compliance with legal obligations and attention to possible liabilities.

12.- International transfers.

NBN23 will not carry out international transfers of the user’s personal data neither to countries nor to international organizations.

13.- Follow us on social networks.

Social networks are services provided by third-party providers that allow users to participate in a virtual community with other users through which they can generate their own public profile where they can create and share content, information and personal data with other users of the network. In a social network you can create and share pages, accounts or profiles for personal and / or commercial purposes. The operation of the social network is regulated first, by the conditions established by the owner and / or provider of the network and, secondly, when it comes to pages, accounts or profiles for commercial purposes, by the terms and conditions established by the person in charge of the profile or commercial account who, in his case, will also be responsible for the processing of their data.

NBN23 has profiles in some social networks such as, without limitation Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin. The user can follow us and become a fan of the official NBN23 pages on the mentioned social networks and on the different social networks.

The user is informed that the processing of data that is made through the pages, profiles or accounts of NBN23 on social networks will be governed by the corresponding policies and conditions of both the official page and the provider and owner of each social network in your case

14.- Personal data published on this NBN23 website.

In relation to the personal data that may be published on this NBN23 website, the user is informed that said data is part of one or several data processing rights owned and responsibility of NBN23 in which they have been incorporated with the prior informed consent of the interested parties. and they can not be freely treated and reproduced by the user or other third-party users -not even when reference is made to the origin of the same- unless the prior authorization and informed consent of the interested party is obtained.

Therefore, all personal data – including images, videos, texts, data and any other information published on our website about identified and / or identifiable individuals – may only be used by the user in order to participate and enjoy of our website in the manner established in this policy, or in its case general and particular conditions that regulate a certain service, and within the framework of the current legislation, being expressly prohibited any other uses than those indicated, including the incorporation of the images or data to files or treatments and / or creation of databases of people and / or sending of advertising or cession to third parties, without the prior informed consent of the interested party

holder of the information and data, NBN23 not being responsible for the uses that the user or other third-party users of our website make contrary to the provisions of these conditions and others that regulate them.

At no time should the user consider that this NBN23 website is a source accessible to the public from which a free disposition of the personal data, information and contents published through it can be made.

15.- Security measures.

NBN23 informs the user that it will treat the personal data it collects through this website, in a secure manner, applying the appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk, taking into account the state of the art, the application costs, and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the treatment, as well as risks of variable probability and severity for the rights and freedoms of the users.

In line with the foregoing, NBN23 will apply the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human action or from the physical or natural environment, guaranteeing their integrity, confidentiality, availability and security. Similarly, NBN23 guarantees the User compliance with the duty of professional secrecy regarding the personal data of users and the duty to keep them.

16.- Use of cookies and storage devices and data recovery in terminal equipment of users.

NBN23 uses cookies and data storage and retrieval devices in the user’s terminal equipment when the user navigates through this website.

Such cookies and data storage and retrieval devices are used by NBN23 under the conditions and with the purposes described in its Cookies Policy at

17.- Update of the policies.

Without prejudice to the preferential application of the specific legal texts for the purpose such as informative texts inserted in data collection forms, as well as, where appropriate, in the conditions of particular services, NBN23 will periodically update this Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data of the users of this website. Any modification of this policy will be published on this NBN23 website.


It will be the responsibility of the user to periodically access the NBN23 Privacy Policy published on this website, in order to know the latest version at all times.

18.- Contact information.

For any query on this Privacy Policy, the user may contact NBN23 through electronic means through our contact form at

In the event that the user wishes to transfer any query about data protection to our Data Protection Delegate, he / she may contact the information indicated in the following section.

19.- Data of the Delegate of Data Protection.

The user can contact the Delegate of Data Protection by email at the following electronic address: