NBN23 launches INGAME SQUAD, the first scorekeeper reward program

This unprecedented initiative in basketball aims to recognize and reward the involvement, work and effort of the scorekeepers. At NBN23, we are aware that scorekeepers are a key piece for the development of this sport and we have always understood their importance. Now is the time to reward their important role and dedication. ¿How does INGAME SQUAD work? Points are accumulated for each game digitized. To be part of this program, scorekeepers must have completed the InGame online training first. Once the digitization of the game is completed and before closing the scoresheet, the same email used for the training

NBN23 attends Spain-Canada Chamber of Commerce Gala dinner in Toronto

Spain-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the organization that promotes and facilitates economic relations between the Canadian and Spanish business community in every Province of Canada, invited Miguel Bullón, the CEO of NBN23 to the event. This Gala dinner took place at the elegant Casa Loma in Toronto last Tuesday, November 22nd. Nearly 140 representatives of the Canadian and Spanish business sector met on this important event in which the Chamber emphasizes its commitment to strengthening the relationship between both countries, among which was NBN23. On this special night, the following attended and participated in the event of Spain in Canada the Ambassador of Spain

¿Te apasiona el baloncesto y te gustaría trabajar con personas con la misma pasión que tú?

NBN23, la startup que está revolucionando el mundo del deporte, quiere ampliar esta gran familia y tú, puedes ser parte de algo especial. ¿Qué es NBN23? NBN23, además de ser la empresa que está revolucionando el mundo del deporte, también somos una familia de trabajadores unidos por hacer crecer un proyecto que lleva liderando, desde hace 7 años, la digitalización del baloncesto a nivel mundial. Creemos que la tecnología es capaz de cambiar el mundo y eso es lo que nos mueve. Estamos liderando el camino de la digitalización del baloncesto en todo el mundo. Con nuestras soluciones digitales, de

The NBN23’s technology revolution is still underway

The Israeli Basketball Association and the Spanish company NBN23 signed a multi-year agreement to use the inGame and SWISH applications which are used by dozens of countries throughout Europe. This important and advanced project is part of an ongoing digitization efforts at recent years implemented and led by the basketball association. At the end, every basketball fan will be able to directly follow every basketball game conducted in Israel through tablets and smart phones, secretarial referees using the InGame application will replace the traditional game forms making the data collected accessible to fans, reviewing results and the game moves through

NBN23 will play a major role in a FIBA event for all European Basketball Federations

NBN23 has been invited by FIBA to help unveil the Eurostep Project at an event for all Communication Directors of all European Federations This Thursday, December 1st, sets a very important milestone for European Basketball. On this date, set to take place in Madrid and hosted by the Spanish Basketball Federation, all Communication Directors of European Federations of this sport will meet at the FEB Museum. NBN23, invited by FIBA, will help explain the elements of implementation for the project. The NBN23 team will present the digital process and strategy behind the Eurostep Project as a result of the partnership


NBN23 and Exposure Events have finalized a full integration to provide all US basketball operators with LIVE digital stats. This partnership represents a very important milestone for grassroots basketball in the US since every kid, regardless of age or skill level, will be able to enjoy the benefits of having LIVE stats. NBN23 has been continuously increasing its presence in the US market with an exponential growth in digitized games. Averaging more than 3K digitized games per week in more than 65 countries, NBN23 is the largest digital database of youth basketball games in the world. Their digital and fully

Types of Scoresheets

InGame is the digital scoresheet that adapts perfectly to the needs of every scorekeeper thanks to its three formats, ROOKIE, PRO and ALL STAR. You can learn the three of them with our Online Trining Platform, but you have to consider that the competition has specific rules according to the basketball level, so you are not able to choose the type of scoresheet. This will be defined by rules previously. Because there are no secrets to basketball, and even less to advance in your training as a scorekeeper.


PREVIOUS STEPS Charge the device and keep it with the necessary battery for the development of the encounter. Insert SD card to save the data. Make sure you have internet connection to download assigned games. For live competitions, ensure that the data network is working properly. LOGIN AND DOWNLOAD GAME It is necessary to be connected to a wireless network. Log in with the scorer’s own username and password. Click on the “DOWNLOAD GAMES” button and the available matches assigned to the user will be displayed. Select the required game(es). The saved games will be displayed to select them and


FIBA Europe (the European Regional Office of the International Basketball Federation) partners with Spanish basketball data company NBN23. We are proud to announce the partnership of FIBA Europe with the Spanish company NBN23 in a project supported by the EU’s Erasmus+ Sport program. Together the two partners are planning to leverage technology to grow the global footprint of basketball through the EuroStep program. Two organizations that live and breathe the sport of basketball are joining forces to bring exciting new digital products to the youth basketball community. FIBA Europe has never been shy to Innovation. The governing body of basketball


Lithuanian center Arvydas Sabonis, father of current Sacramento Kings player, Domantas Sabonis broke in a game against Ourense in 1995, the historical efficency record of valuation in the ACB.  32 points, 27 rebounds, 5 steals, 3 assists and 6 fouls received, a 66 of valuation were reflected in his statistics. The madness of these numbers, 27 years later, nobody has been able to improve them. This bring us to the next question: How can I improve the efficiency in my basketball stats? There are two different formulas to calculate the player’s efficiency. One formula is used for Euroleague and Eurocup, called


NBN23 has reached an agreement with the German Federation to start digitizing an important part of its basketball. The Deutsche Basketball Bund (DBB) is taking a giant step towards a new digital future: With the beginning of the 2021/2022 season the digital Scorecard (DSB) will be introduced into the league system. Together with NBN23, who has created this innovative, forward thinking, intuitive and easy to use product, the German basketball federation is preparing to offer its Basketball community a brand-new way to experience basketball. NBN23 with the help of the retired German-national player Jan Jagla, and the DBB are rolling


The Spanish technology company has signed an agreement with the Federation of Ghana. The NBN23 technology is settling in Africa and the Spanish company has managed to close an agreement with the Ghana Basketball Federation to digitize its competitions. The signing will be for four seasons and involves all Ghanaian competitions. The start of the first digitized competition in Ghana is yet to be confirmed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, on the way back, all competitions will have the tool developed by NBN23 and will get a worldwide visibility thanks to Swish, the APP to follow basketball from all


3BL (3×3 Pro Basketball League) in India, has come to an agreement with NBN23 to utilize their technology in order to digitize their competitions. India’s commitment to 3×3 events is firm and is laying the foundations for it to be one of the most recognized basketball formats in the country. In this direction, the 3BL (3×3 Pro Basketball League), has signed with NBN23 to use their technology to digitize their competitions and make them visible in the Swish APP. The launch of NBN23 technology will take place at the end of July with the competition trials. This is just one


United League Europe 3×3 will have the technology of NBN23 to digitize its games. United League Europe 3×3 has joined the digitization revolution and will have the NBN23 technology to digitize play-by-play the entire competition. It can be followed through Swish APP and will give the competition Worldwide visibility. ULE 3×3 will have, thanks to the agreement with NBN23, a tool that will allow the monitoring of matches from anywhere and will also have many exclusive advantages that Swish has incorporated in its latest updates: player and team tracking, customization possibility, customer service Directly with the support team with a


PrimeTime Sports joins NBN23 and will digitize their basketball competitions. Talent deserves visibility and that is what PrimeTime Sports has achieved after signing an agreement with the technology company NBN23 to digitize their competitions. The North American organizer will carry out the digital transformation and their games will be able to be followed live through Swish APP. This agreement represents a breakthrough for both entities. On one hand, the technology company manages to continue its growth and adds yet another partnership in the United States which will allow it to become known and to expand in the country with the


The Spanish tech company has reached an agreement with Bigfoot Hoops.   The US market is progressively using NBN23 technology and that is because the Spanish company has closed an agreement with Bigfoot Hoops to digitize their summer events. As part of the digitization process, Bigfoot Hoops, will use NBN23 technology to digitize several events throughout this summer. This collaboration will provide them with a tool that has revolutionized the world of basketball and that allows live monitoring of basketball competitions. Adding digital platforms to Basketball events is becoming a new norm and the US market is no different. American


NBN23’s technology continues to spread across the globe and is now teaming up with the Belgrade 3×3 League, competitions will now be followed through the Swish APP. B3X3L confirms the trend that NBN23 has been acquiring in recent months in which in addition to its international expansion, the technology company has also put a lot of effort into its incorporation toward the three-on-three competition market. After confirming the possibility of digitizing this modality through our platforms, we have started with the United League in Russia, and now we have managed to add the Serbian competition. The arrival of NBN23 provides


The Lebanese Basketball Federation has signed with NBN23, and will gain a worldwide impact. The Lebanese Basketball Federation has signed with NBN23, and will gain a worldwide impact. With NBN23, the Federation is aiming to gain visibility. The technology of the Spanish company will help the Federation in covering all of its competitions, matches will be followed in live (in terms of statistics) and from anywhere over the planet. This technological incorporation will mean great growth for a basketball country who wants to continue progressing, and wishing to earn more presence at a sporting and technological level. One of the