Welcome to InGame Squad:
The Scorekeeper Reward Program

A program designed for you.

At NBN23, we recognize the great importance of the scorekeeper. You are the one who makes basketball digitalization come true and because of that and more, we want to reward your hard work and dedication. This incentive program has been designed for you.

How do I earn points?

More games,
More points

1 game = 10 Points

Earn points every time you digitize a game. The more games you digitize, the more points you will accumulate during the year. With these points you will compete against others to get into the bronze, silver or gold rank.

Monthly and End-of-Year Rewards

$100 Amazon gift card every month & GOLD SWISH Subscription

Up to $1.000 Amazon gift card at the end of the year & GOLD SWISH Subscription

Be part of the scorekeeper movement around the world

To participate in the program, you just have to complete the INGAME App training. Once you are officially certified, you will automatically be a part of the ranking.

*If you already have the certificate and need to register your points, simply enter the email address you previously used to access the training for the INGAME App.

Steps to earn points:

a computer displaying the digital scorekeeper certificate
Complete the INGAME Online Training
Get your official certificate
Digitize a basketball game
Enter the email you used to do the training at the end of the game
Accumulate points every month and at the end of the season