Digitalize basketball games and share the Official Digital Scorecard

Joining basketball and technology in order to offer a better experience


Using a tablet or Smartphone, you can capture every play during a basketball game with a user friendly interface. Once the game is finished, you will get access to the Official Digital Scorecard and will be able to share it with just one click.

The app is available in many different languages and it is easily adaptable to 5on5, 3on3, minibasket or FIBA formats. It is intended to cover every category in amateur basketball.

Say goodbye to paper and hello to the digital world!

Two different ways to digitize a game

Our INGAME app has a simple version, easily scalable, capable to capture every play recorded on a paper scoresheet. This version generates the Official Basic Scorecard providing information such as free throws, field goals, three pointers, personal and technical fouls, +/- valuation as well as time played for each player.

INGAME also allows you to use a more advanced version of the app for a more comprehensive list of stats. This version features a shot chart, blocked shots, turnovers and steals, assists and rebounds. This way, you can have access to a more complete report with a more in-depth data analysis of the game.


Share live game results with our Game Scoreboard

You can now switch devices at any time and pick up right where you left off.


The easiest and most reliable way to register every play is by uploading them to the cloud directly. Did you lose internet connection? Your device ran out of battery? Do you want to switch devices during a game? With the latest INGAME version, you are now prepared for any unexpected event. All entered information is automatically saved on the Cloud so you don´t miss a thing.

Every action counts

More eyes, less mistakes.

All game-entered-information can be easily supervised by more than one person if needed. Scan the game QR code and follow all game information entered by the scorekeeper live in order to solve any kind of dispute.

Scorekeepers will be able to edit any entered action at any time during the game.

Follow the game live anytime anywhere and from any device.

The usual Scoresheet

Once the game is over, the Digital Report is generated automatically in your language. Ready to share or print with anyone, it maintains the traditional format.

It’s multi-language, it’s multi-format



By adding signatures of referees, scorekeepers and coaching staff.

More flexibility

Existing feature to register postponed or cancelled games in the last minute.

One app adapted to any situation

New added feature with a weekly health form, staying up to date with any changes in the health of a player before the game begins.

COVID-19 Feature

We are an eco-friendly company

Online training platform available

Our app is very simple and intuitive, but we want to create a benchmark for certified scorekeepers in the market. In order to digitalize the most games possible, we have created an online training platform for scorekeeper certification. It´s available in many different languages.

Digitalizing games was never this simple!

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Enjoy Basketball now more than ever