The member of the FIBA Hall of Fame joins the Spanish firm with the aim of continuing its enormous growth.

Antoine Rigaudeau, or what is the same, the former basketball player, two Euroleague champion, Olympic silver, five times French League MVP and one of the best bases in the history of French basketball, has signed for the Spanish company NBN23. With this addition, the company acquires a member of the FIBA Hall of Fame and a personality within the world of basketball.

The arrival of Rigaudeau, who will finally hold the position of Corporate Ambassador, will give NBN23 a boost. The Frenchman will be in charge of trying to connect his company’s technology in different countries around the world. It will be another step in growth, and the Spanish company is already well known in the world of the basket since it has worked with one of the leagues linked to the NBA, in the ACB MiniCopa, in the Manheim tournament and with Many federations around the world.

With Rigaudeau, NBN23, he adds basketball and is that he acquires in his squads a player who in the 90s and the first years of the 21st century marveled at the planet basketball being a fundamental piece in all the European teams in which he was. For his memory, his two Euroleagues remain with the Bologna Kindergarten. In addition, we must not forget that he is an old acquaintance in Spain since after the NBA he came to Valencia Basket, at that time Pamesa Valencia, and left his mark with more than 13 points per game in his two seasons in Valencia.

This signing joins the other two major additions that the Spanish company has made in recent months. On the one hand, came Robert Auci, former director of CISCO, and on the other, came Ed Dvorak, former president of Spalding, one of the most recognized basketball brands worldwide. Now, with the arrival of Rigaudeau, the company gives a small boost in its eagerness to conquer and improve basketball with its technology.

Javier Bosch, CEO of NBN23, has been delighted with this arrival and has spoken about the potential of incorporating his team into French. “The arrival of Antoine Rigaudeau gives our company a boost. It is a personality that everyone in European basketball recognizes and that will give us a new dimension that will allow us to continue moving our technology through many more countries, ”he said. To conclude, Bosch added that “having many people related to basketball, linked to our company, is a great example that our passion is shared and is coming to the planet basketball.”