London Basketball Association used basketball technology in a university competition

The basketball technology, NBN23, continues to take giant steps in its effort to connect the planet’s basketball and has been present this week in London to digitize the LBA College Tournament. This competition, organized by the London Basketball Association, brings together some of the great teams of the country with their college-age players.

The level of the competition is maximum and proof of this, is the pavilion in which it was played, specifically the O2 Arena that vibrated with basketball in 2012 at the Olympic Games and witnessed the great final played between the United States national team and the selection of Spain. Since then, the pavilion has hosted important competitions internationally and locally, and was the one that housed the future of basketball in the country.

With the incorporation of NBN23, London Basketball Association had an intelligent processing of statistics, the possibility of following everything that happens from anywhere, monitoring through social networks and the elimination of paper, among many others. Technology has made its way into basketball and has no intention of stopping.

This new success adds to a time when NBN23 is breaking through in many countries around the globe. In recent days competitions have been digitized in Costa Rica and Colombia, which has given a boost to a company that had already worked with competitions such as JR NBA and that in Spain is the main technology for most of the Spanish federations.

Miguel Bullón, the company’s executive director, has been delighted to see the NBN23 technology in another competition. “Every time we debuted in a new tournament, it’s a new illusion and also helps us prove that basketball demands to be connected globally. That’s what we do and it helps to give a lot of visibility to many leagues that have something special that people would find interesting, “he said. “However, we can not think that everything is done, totally the other way around. Now is when more work we have to carry out because basketball needs technology and that does not allow you to rest”.