After Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Colombia, the Spanish company has started working in Costa Rica.

Spanish company, NBN23, continues taking giant steps in its Latin American expansion and at the beginning of this month of July it has started to digitize matches of the Costa Rican Basketball Federation. This new push increases the Spanish-speaking countries that have already had the technology of basketball.

Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and now Costa Rica know what it is to have the possibility that all their parties can be followed live; they know how to enjoy the immediacy of knowing everything that happens instantly; and they know about the repercussion of knowing the results from anywhere, anywhere in the world.

Costa Rica will be able to use the technology and apply it to the basketball competitions it needs. In this way, it will take the witness of Mexico that last season already had the digital record in several of its leagues. It is, therefore, one more proof of the worldwide extension that this technology is achieving, which is already common in many tournaments in Spain and which has also been enjoyed in major competitions such as the Manheim tournament, Fimba, and even a competition associated with the best basketball league in the world, the NBA.

The competitions that are going to be able to follow are the following: the Liga de Baloncesto Superior Femenina and the National Sports Games both in the women’s category and in the men’s category. When basketball is stopped almost everywhere in Costa Rica, the activity has only just begun and in this way you will be able to meet a different basketball world in one of the great natural paradises in the world .

Miguel Bullón, executive director of NBN23, has spoken about this agreement: “Expanding ourselves in Latin America was a clear objective for our company. Having worked in several countries, being able to add one more on the map is proof of our work and the assurance that our technology is useful for everyone, “he said. “The Costa Rican basketball will now be able to make itself known anywhere,” he concluded.